Rudy schneyder

Rudy schneyder - From Killam Speager Alex Enchant Stanley Speakman John . from N. Milner from Edmonton Steer George H

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From Dog Pound Madden Stone J. from Mannville Smith Edgar . from Gadsby Seitz George W | Bing: rudy schneyder language:en

From Brooks Stevens Allan Foremost Grassy Lake Chester John Langdon Clinton Heath Iron Creek Spring Valley SK . Tony from Monarch Schoch Kaspar St

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Cancelled Brand Files - S - Stockmen's Memorial Foundation ...From Sedgewick Scott Clyde Medicine Hat Whitla Winnifred . from Halkirk Simpson John Tofield . from Calgary Stoddard Mrs. from Irma Stockwell Edward . from Onefour Stuve Ingvald

From Pine Lake Saxby John . from Tilley Bow City Strand Peter . from Vermilion Shepherd . from Cherry Grove Smith L. from Lloyds Hill Consort Shuttleworth Norval . from Blackfoot Sholdice . from Hobbema Sawyer Clarence Caroline Stauffer David . from Enchant Severtson Palmer Severyn Metro Ispas Sevick Knut Czar New West Minster BC Sevier Siman Elmer . from Medicine Hat Shewchuck Sofia Spedden Shewchuk Frank Fabyan Irene . Murray William Flewelling from Balzac Stoney Tribe Agricultural Ranching Morley Stony Ridge Farms Ltd. from Gadsby Swanson

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Agnes . from Botha Seyer Walter


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